Bass Meditation Concert


I think many people have the experience how the deep tones of the bass resonates within the body. This is the main idea of Bass Meditation. The listeners will lay down on yoga mats around the bass and let the sound of the bass resonate and let the music guide them on a refreshing nap or exploration in their imaginary world. Sometimes the experience can be really deep, sometimes light and uplifting.

Saarijärvi DRS

Some feedback from Bass Meditation attenders

I really felt the vibration, also in my soles. And I felt that the blood started to circulate in my head

I felt I was completely somewhere else, totally in a different world

My back pain disappeared, my whole back got soft and relaxed. Almost like I sank inside the floor

I felt I saw different colours and experienced lots of different own worlds

At some point I felt I was in a forest and dancing wildly with forest trolls. Something was moving very deep inside my mind and I got so many new ideas

DRS konserttisaliBass Meditation concerts fits into many different places and settings. For example recreational days at workplaces, relaxation for kids in school, special occasion surprise, special events in yoga schools and also just as the most cosy living room concert for family and friends. It’s also very empowering for special groups like disabled persons, persons with different physical and/or mental problems and persons with general life management problems (depression, alcohol problems, dropping out). Because who wouldn’t love the buzz of the bass sound! 😉
If you know a place where Bass Meditation is needed, don’t hesitate to CONTACT!
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