Deep Relaxing Sounds


Deep Relaxing Sounds is an art experience for both body and soul!

It’s a combination of live concert, sound healing, mindfulness and music therapy. It will promote relaxing, well-being and reduce stress. But it’s also an opportunity to explore your inner world by lying on a yoga mat, letting the music guide you on your nap, and back. You might also feel the resonance of the deep bass frequencies within your body. Bass feels good!


Got interested? Deep Relaxing Sounds is nice idea for events related to yoga, mindfulness, well-being and holistic health. You can even order a DRS concert to your home and invite your friends for a memorable event. It only needs a peaceful hall or living room, preferably with wooden floor. Participants are guided to bring their yoga mats and dress warm and comfortable.

Ask for your Deep Relaxing Sounds concert HERE

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