Henrica Fagerlund

Okay, so about me.

I’m bass sound lover. And I’m here to share that love! ❤

I’m excited about all kinds of art forms, both within music and in the big general. Arts are the way to express our human reality, it’s trough art that we really can get to touch the untangible. And it doesn’t really matter what label that art carries.

What makes me love the double bass is of course it’s deep sound, that’s both profound, powerful and soothing at the same time. It’s also the instrument that you can apply to really any musical genre and it will fit. And of course, it is so beautiful on stage!!


But sure, I have my grades too. I’m Music Pedagogue from Metropolia University of Applied Science Helsinki (2005) and I did my masters of double bass playing in Sibelius Academy / University of Arts Helsinki (2010). I’ve taken master classes with Janne Saksala, Esko Laine, Stefano Sciascia and Jorma Katrama and I’ve also done some master studies of Music Therapy in Jyväskylä University (2012-2014).

I make my living by freelancing and by teaching double bass playing. Mostly I’m substituting in different classical symphony orchestras, such as Helsinki Filharmonic, Lahti Symphony, Jyväskylä Symphony, Lappeenranta City Orchestra, Hyvinkää Orchestra, Kymi Sinfonietta. I’ve also been playing bass in theater productions, operas and musicals as well as studio works. I’ve been teaching in many different music institutes, but right now I take only private students. I also play electric bass guitar in ethiojazz band Le Alem.

I enjoy any music and any production where I can play the bass, but when I’m free to play whatever I want I’m improvising, composing and going into then deep mode of the meditative bass sound. Those deep sounds really touches the body and soul. To share this experience for others, I’ve developed it into a intuitive concert called Deep Relaxing Sounds. If you’re a music lover who’s into mindfulness, yoga or meditation, this is something you really want to enjoy!

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