Look how huge violin she has!


How heavy is that instrument?

Wow, that’s a seriously big guitar!

How is a small girl like you able to play it?

Why wouldn’t you choose the flute instead?

Carrying a double bass makes people curious and sure I have some answers ready to those most popular questions. The number #1 question ever is about the weight of that instrument. And I reply honestly “Well, I actually never really measured it, but it’s not too heavy, at least much lighter than my kid”. The no 2 is also an easy one: No it’s not a big guitar / violin / cello, it’s a double bass.

But I have to admit I feel little bit offended when someone – mostly male – is questioning wether I’m capable of playing my instrument due to my gender and size. Sometimes I explain that it’s all about technique and size doesn’t really matter (those guys should already know it!) but if I’m tired I just reply “I know, I’m wondering the same”. And I will of course change to the flute the same day it starts to sound like a double bass!

Wow it’s so huge!

No shit Sherlock…


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